Smart Toddlers

(18 months - 2 years old)

Smart Toddlers

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Research shows that at this stage, children are beginning to engage in social interaction with fellow peers.


They learn to play with their peers, share, take turns and begin developing their own identity. The children also pick up new vocabulary at an astonishing rate. They begin stringing words to create sentences to express themselves. The children begin to display independence and autonomy as they figure out how to do things themselves.


At Pegasus, we understand the importance of quality interaction and activities for the children at this age and its impact on the young children and their minds.


Our young toddlers are kept busy throughout the day through a wide range of experiences which involves their whole body and plenty of positive interaction from adults. There are plenty of opportunities for music and movement, art, senatorial play, and simply play time. Children are encouraged to speak, laugh, play and have fun while they learning essential skills.

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Pegasus is a bilingual and inquiry-based preschool which was set up in the Bukit Timah with the vision of delivering high quality early childhood experiences.


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