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Pegasus International Preschool offers an Inquiry and Play based program for children from 18 months to 6 years old in a bilingual environment. We follow children’s lead and bring their interest to life as they think, question and learn.

There is plenty of messy play, experiments, hands on activities as well as a balance of table activities for the older children in our preschool. By the end of their preschool years with us, the children enjoy learning and are well equipped with the skills they need for entering the next stage in their lives, their primary school years.

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Our Children,

Children in our international preschool are well prepared holistically before they enter their primary schools locally and internationally to allow them to soar with confidence.

Our Belief - Just learn

Our Commitment - Have fun and learn

Our Commitment To Every Parents

⦁ Ample natural air and space in a safe environment

⦁ Well designed classrooms for quality interactions and learning

⦁ Outdoor play area at the same level with sand pit and sufficient gross motor area

⦁ Weekly outdoor play at playground on ground level

⦁ Bilingual programme with additional options of Japanese 

⦁ Varied activities inclusive Cookery, Speech and Drama, Sports, Fidgets Play Time

⦁ Working hand in hand in trained Therapists from Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre located directly one level above

⦁ Highly qualified and dedicated team of long serving teachers.

⦁ In house enrichment for older children in our preschool

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