Nursery 2

(4 years old)

Nursery 2

Through various activities and opportunities throughout the day, children begin to identify alphabets and letter sounds. Left/right hand dominance is mastered. Children learn to handle scissors, writing and coloring materials appropriately with control, mastering pencil grip.


With art, children express their creativity through a wide range of experiences such as clay work, acrylic paint, glitter prints, natural material modelling and many others. With numeracy, children begin to recognize numerals and count in correspondence. They are introduced to more complex  patterning, matching and sorting activities.


Children engage in beginning reading readiness activities. They are encouraged to identify familiar words and read by decoding phonetically. With the introduction to basic sight words, they develop a slight words vocabulary. They shift from passive to active involvement with the written word.


Outdoors, they are further challenged as they master balance, control, and coordination through various gross motor activities. With science, children are encouraged to analysis and question through a wide range of hands on experiments.

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Pegasus is a bilingual and inquiry-based preschool which was set up in the Bukit Timah with the vision of delivering high quality early childhood experiences.


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