Nursery 1

(3 years old)

Nursery 1

Children begin expressing their innate sense of wonder by asking plenty of questions. As children begin to ask, their thirst for new found knowledge is supported by our well experienced educators.


Based on their inquiry, we lead them into a world of learning through wide range of activities such as water play, art, music, outdoor play, sensorial play, dramatic play, stories and time just to freely play.


These activities help children begin to identity letters, numbers, and display awareness of familiar print such as their names and signs. Children are introduced to beginning mathematical concept such as volume and capacity, one to one correspondence, rote counting and pattering. As they explore art, their pictures begin to form stories.


With dramatic play, children form friendships with one another as they negotiate, problem solve, take turns and converse with each other. Their body control and posture is enhanced as they engage in outdoor activities which leads to a healthy growth and development.

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Pegasus is a bilingual and inquiry-based preschool which was set up in the Bukit Timah with the vision of delivering high quality early childhood experiences.


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