Kindergarten 1

(5 years old)

Kindergarten 1

The children’s interest is identified and integrated into the learning of various concepts throughout the year. The children are encouraged to question to deepen their level of thinking and learning.


The children are introduced to more formal schooling practices. They are able to read and write all the letters of the alphabet, in both uppercase as well as lowercase. They are introduced to rhyming words and different forms of literature such as fairy tales, folklore and rhyming stories by award winning children’s authors and promising new authors. The children are able to speak in grammatically correct sentences with good pronunciation.


By the end of the school year, they are able to write simple sentences by themselves, using invented and conventional spelling by applying their phonetical and sight words knowledge. Their phonectic knowledge is further enriched with the introduction to blends and diagraphs. They understand the use of a full stop, when to use capital and small letter.


For math, children are able to sort objects based on one or more attributes, recognize and write numbers from 1-50 in order. They are introduced to number bonds, addition and subtraction within 20 through plenty of hands on and written activities and games.  The children experiment with shapes to form other shapes. They engage in simple measuring activities as they bake or compare shapes and sizes. They use appropriate terms to describe their measurement. They acquire math vocabulary and terms.


With science, children are encouraged to observe the changes involved through different forms of questioning techniques. They are then further encouraged to draw/write down their observations. The children are experience a wide range of experiences in terms of creative arts. They are introduced to different kinds of art materials such as canvas, calligraphy and many others.


For music, the children are introduced to music and movement activities for them to achieve rhythm, spatial awareness and a love for music. Children are challenged outdoors through a wide range of physical activities to promote healthy development. Their muscle strength is built as they climb, run and play.


There are plenty of opportunities for social interaction as children work together with one another. The kindergarten 1 curriculum ensures children are well prepared before they enter the kindergarten class the next year.

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