Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our daily programme for each class involves inquiry into learning through a wide range of activities based on the children’s interest. Every once a week, each class has a scheduled water play session. Outdoor play is conducted everyday within our premises with daily access to our sand play area

Smart Toddlers (18 months - 2 years old)

Our Smart Toddler programmes focus on the nature of toddlers who are curious, inquisitive and active. They will enthusiastically use their five senses to actively explore the world around them. They find pleasure in causing things to happen and in completing basic tasks. And once a discovery is made, they will want to make it happen again and again and again!

Nursery 1 (3 years old)

At Nursery 1, children begin to develop and acquire increased awareness of numbers, engage in concepts and processes of math and science. They also begin to explore letter sounds and alphabets and develop a keen interest in reading and different types of stories. Their gross and fine motor development abilities continue to grow as they become more independent in their daily tasks. They are also more actively engaged in group activities during play time and are able to accomplish small tasks by themselves.

Nursery 2 (4 years old)

At Nursery 2, children have an increased sense of self confidence, they develop social skills and interact more during play time. They begin to understand more content, skills and concepts. Reading, phonics and numeracy skills are introduced to promote the child’s emergent capacity for language learning and acquisition.

Kindergarten 1 (5 years old)

As with every age and stage, your kindergarten child is mastering a new set of skills. At Pegasus, we focus on helping the child attain specific skills and concepts through extensive discovery, integration, and inquiry processes. The child will be equipped with the necessary skills in all areas of development essential for schooling years. We will also help your child develop enhanced confidence, ability to work effectively in group collaborations and develop a sense of respect for all cultures, diversity and the world around them.


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Pegasus is a bilingual and inquiry-based preschool which was set up in the Bukit Timah with the vision of delivering high quality early childhood experiences.


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